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A master's touch - Poemas de Freddy Zurita Cespedes

Poemas » freddy zurita cespedes » a masters touch

Categoría: Poemas de Amor
A master's touch
Poema publicado el 24 de Diciembre de 2018

As His touch brings her alive,
sends butterflies
to swirl and dance
in her bare belly,
she gazes with awe
into eyes
with understanding,
wondering how
He can see so clearly
into her soul,
the longings, cravings
which go unanswered
Her dreams
become reality
when His warmth
engulfs her
offering so much
that she has been missing.
When He fills her with His heat,
rains come
searing, soaking
freed by her submission
to His yearnings and desires.
His dominance
a sculptor’s pick
chipping away
fears and oppression
the woman
she was meant to be.

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