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The imagination of love - Poemas de Freddy Zurita Cespedes

Poemas » freddy zurita cespedes » the imagination of love

Categoría: Poemas de Amor
The imagination of love
Poema publicado el 30 de Septiembre de 2018

So pure life and you
So full of peace
And I can only think of loving you

You fill my life with light
You fill the sky, the earth and the sea
And I just think of loving you

There is no heart that resists girl
But if you cry, I want my eyes
Following each tear of yours
And until I lose sight of it

I look at her and I look at you
Use my soul like a kite
And I'm dying
To find the way
To teach you the soul
And I can only think of loving you

How will that be
If even when the moon rises
And it hits my window
I can not stop you from wanting
We have laughed and cried the three
I want to give you my joy
My guitar and my poems
And I can only think of loving you
F.alejandro Zurita

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