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Don't want my neighbors no more 'cause they're aliens - Poemas de Henry Alzate, Esq.

Poemas » henry alzate esq » don t want my neighbors no more cause they re aliens

Don't want my neighbors no more 'cause they're aliens
Poema publicado el 28 de Mayo de 2010

Don’t want my neighbors no more ‘cause they’re aliens

I once met an alien
Who did not have antennas
He did have a hoe and with it he weeded our food
He did have a heart and kept improving our land.

We call him an alien because he is not from here
We call him a wetback, but I don’t really mean that.

He is from a different alien culture
I can’t understand him, though I see him daily
The Border separate us that’s enough for him to be alien
I am the norm, I am the King, the aliens should find no refuge, no friends, and no relief.

Ha! Says the Alien
I don’t want to cry
I just want to criticize
What the U.S. does to aliens is like hiring a prostitute: have sex with her, then “good bye”
What about how good you felt?
Ignoring the goodness shows a troubled morality
What would you think if gringos were living the alien reality?

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