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Disappointed. - Poemas de Jorge Serra Colina

Poemas » jorge serra colina » disappointed

Categoría: Poemas de Amor
Poema publicado el 02 de Septiembre de 2013

I am disappointed, everything I do to see your sweet lips and the wind through your hair again, the results was what I expect, that I don’t see you my love, really only have with me your memories and the bitter feeling that I have to wait. I am disappointed because you never comeback to my hands, even I think I have done all the things to see you, but at the end I could see your pretty photographs, nothing else.  At the morning I wake up, quickly go to my mirror and just find loneliness and sad. I feel so disappointed that I decided to find out who is that person who don’t let me too see your body and lovely eyes at night, only to say one thing, you should to learn about love and what does it mean for someone who never hurt you, who only think in a woman, dream with the sound of her words into his ears, talking about life and the stars, telling me how could I calm this pain for having her soul so far.

Author: Jorge Serra Colina.

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