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American psycho - Poemas de Alan Jefferson

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American psycho
Poema publicado el 08 de Abril de 2019

he's just an American psycho, of a bourgeois family, with playboy costumes, with an odor that reveals versace, a face of trusting businessman, an Elvis hair, telltale footsteps, in other words a vampire.

With lips of desire, a kiss of lust, a sour wine, a few drinks, a big banquet, with drug addicts, beggars, pigs, and he, the American psycho, be careful with the one you don't know what he is capable of do.

Elegant whenever he want, hateful whenever he want, that's the American psycho. Walking on the streets of sadness listening to some
of old Phil Collins, ask for a taxi, hard seats and with a bit piece of semen, this talks to the taxi driver a quiet old man, he gets bored and thinks about tomorrow but as the saying goes Tomorrow never knows.

The American psycho on the outside outside a beautiful human being from head to toe, inside a fallen angel, dirty, disgusting, selfish, with a lack of feelings and emotions except by his greed and gluttony, a sucker that only wants to suck new blood, in other words the face of a broken nation, without heroes and dreams, a nation lost in the bloodbaths and midnight howls of strangers and fuckers waiting for the truth in the dark.

taking baths always at the same hour, always bringing blonde women home, always doing the same with the same axe covered with the blood of a thousand souls of blond muses with breasts of paradise, after all he's an American psycho, he has no mercy nobody except with himself, after all is nothing more or nothing less than an American psycho, a damn, unhappy, beautiful, tempting, bastard and dare American psycho. If you know what i mean.

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