“The breeze of the lake “







“The breeze of the lake “

The light of the moon caresses our souls 

The breeze of the lake whispers the feelings 

That beautiful picture that offers the calm 

To our loving hearts even beating 


And I look at the night and feel you on my side 

I remember your image in any moment 

Playing the waves on the shore of the lake 

Bristling my skin when the time goes away


That beautiful night bring a calmed event 

Sat down on the shore with the memories again

I look for you, but you wasn’t there 

But when I brief the air, you are in the wind 


If you really love me and you feel our love

Come to my side to admire the beautiful view 

That bring the breeze of the lake in its heart 

While it’s cooing us, like a beautiful veil




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