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The ten biggest sins i have committed - Poemas de Esteban Moncher

Poemas » esteban moncher » the ten biggest sins i have committed

Categoría: Poemas de Amor
The ten biggest sins i have committed
Poema publicado el 07 de Octubre de 2013

1. you're like a goddess to me
2. you're my idol, someone I love
3. no longer call you butterfly, but I my goddess
4. my seventh day is not sacred, if you're not
5. I honor you, more than my parents
6. for you, I dare to do what is
7. make love with you, is my biggest wish
8. I live planning how to steal your heart
9. and, I do not know, that lie invent, to get your attention
10. I love you more than anything, even me knowing you're self-employed.

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