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Under the skin lies the sun - Poemas de Jacobo Soto Rivera

Poemas » jacobo soto rivera » under the skin lies the sun

Under the skin lies the sun
Poema publicado el 19 de Noviembre de 2011

Spill thy wine over my sinless
Face of prophetic disease, aware
Of enchanted beauties, came from eternal
Restless kingdom of the night

Wingless angels in their painful flight
Burn like the ashes of photographs
From dark past memories that lay
Over the dusty Oblivion's womb

Shall my skin be your dreamless
Warm cloud of angelical desires
Penetrated by the philosophy of creatures
That create  spells in their lips.

Dress the moon with lullabies and roses
From your dry, insomniac garden
My home, my rest, my delicious flesh
Served into the ephemeral, joyeux eden.

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