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A modern real princess - Poemas de Kate Starbird

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A modern real princess
Poema publicado el 10 de Enero de 2010

A Modern Real Princess
by Kate Starbird

A modern real princess
doesn’t need a wonderful dress
she only needs sunglasses
and a cute mini-skirt.

She doesn’t need curls
all around her hair
she only has to straight her hair
and add a ribbon on the top of her head.

Every day in the morning
she exclaimed:
in which car should I go today?
Carriage… hmm…too antique
limo… last Monday
what about the Mini?
I got it! My pink Lamborghini.

Every day after homework
her mom rings the bell
“ring ring”
oh, no! Classical music!
Mom; I’ve hear it all the day
can I listen to my iPod instead?
And the mom always says: yes.

And this is something
that the princess always said:
“it doesn’t matter how rich or poor you are,
and because the friendshipnever ends,
your richness or your poorness
always depends on your fiends!”

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