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I imagine - Poemas de Yohiser Gabriel Fandiño Corro

Poemas » yohiser gabriel fandino corro » i imagine

Categoría: Poemas de Amor
I imagine
Poema publicado el 12 de Marzo de 2014

I imagine writing things that may never say ,
I imagine doing good things in life,
I guess lovin while alive,
I imagine saying goodbye to that love in agony,
after death and if I see that I can continue loving
amare then also you in death.

You will be my great love alive while
and if you get no love me now
then wait for you to love me until you die.

I guess you pretty things living ,
that may never pass in real life .

I imagine doing , writing , living and dying for you,
but I can never see me as a loser but not before giving the fight.

I know I have to be realistic ,
may never have you.
but I want you to know that for you my soul complains ,
that for you my heart races ,
that for you I lose my breath,
and in return won a desperation to say love you all
and always end up just writing ...

               yohiser gabriel fandiño corro
                 the angel of the poems
             cupcake bog December 3, 2010 .

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