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Poesia iv: a good man - Poemas de Antonella Palma Terán

Poemas » antonella palma teran » poesia iv: a good man

Categoría: Poemas de Amor
Poesia iv: a good man
Poema publicado el 19 de Abril de 2020

There is a man who is present in my dreams
there are two rules I can't touch him I can't scream
he looks as a bad man with suit and tie
and he pay to have a short life and a long die

Around me it's so cold
he seems to have been alone with his soul
anyone starts to believe in what it means
blood is starting to became what never has been

I am lúcid and aware in my dream
so I have no doubt about what I see
there is a silent from a deep breath
am I alive or am I dead?

I am so confuse and he is looking for,
for something that I don't know
should I be scared?
He is smoking he smell my heart

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