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Karpe diem - Poemas de Bradley Javier Cauich Basulto

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Categoría: Poemas de Amor
Karpe diem
Poema publicado el 10 de Mayo de 2022

Karpe  Diem by Bradley J. Cauich B.

5 centimeters per second is the speed at which cherry blossom petals fall.
Cold air blows her hair away from me, a dry wind from the North.
When I see her eyes on her I get lost, in her hidden smile between the mountains, my pain is small.
I keep looking for what gives strength to my tired soul clinging to your smell "it's worth?”.
Tell me when will i be enough to be with you, i come closer and you walk away you are a creature of the magic night.
And when infinity runs out of stars, the wide sea loses its intensity, but don't let the black of your eyes die.
Your eyes shine more than the moon, sun and sea. Take my hand and let's get out of here, put on your yellow sweater blight?
I'm like you, loneliness kills me ,for a moment if you're lonely come be lonely with me, but don't lie.
Dance with me and I sing to you, listen to the wind blow, we only have to dream, the fairy tale of our lives begins.
Able to be moved to tears when the roses in the garden bloom even when I fight against fate and lose.
I will enjoy your memory that will accompany me until the end of days in my heart,it wins?
Because even when I lose everything, slip and fall, the melody of your voice will lift me like venus chose.
maybe I'm stupid for thinking that sometimes the secret is to create stories until our eyes meet , one hundred years I will think of you.
And it's too cold in this garden. But you are a sweet melody in my heart and, I hope to find you, my little black kitten…. You

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