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Coffee - Poemas de Freddy Zurita Cespedes

Poemas » freddy zurita cespedes » coffee

Categoría: Poemas de Amor
Poema publicado el 15 de Enero de 2019

Drinking a cup of coffee;with a rose picture;..,
why not a heart; picture? The heart is beating inside Her?
the blood; in the heart..and the blood in her stomach is running with intensity?
a pure uterus a vessel; for to contain life.,
but the seed; of life is for her exclusively,..
it was a decision since the first time in the park.,
but maybe the love decision was in past passional lifes..
a coffee; fragance in the air, a fragance in her hands?,
soft skin,every centimeter is a exploration and a explotation of the most strong pleasure..,
a volcan; eruption of emotions..,
but I am getting back to the reality; because I am dreaming.,
,or is this the reality and im getting back to a dream?

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