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Freddy Zurita Cespedes

Freddy Alejandro Zurita Céspedes
oil & gas
Paz amor verdad rectitud y no violencia son los valores humanos.
Hay sólo una religión la religión del amor, hay un solo lenguaje el lenguaje del corazón, hay sólo una casta la casta de la humanidad y hay un solo Dios y es omnipotente

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the force is from the heart/freddy-zurita
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It's so big what I feel
That having you will not be enough
What this invites me to live ... [leer completo]
i m still loving you
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Time, it needs time
To win back your love again
I will be there,
Love, only love ... [leer completo]
the imagination of love
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So pure life and you
So full of peace
And I can only think of loving you

Yo... [leer completo]
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never I have seen the pussycat smiling,she have beauty teeths?and her lips have sugar flavor?her sof... [leer completo]
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Loving my eyes
When you are looking into them.
Loving my name
When you are whisper... [leer completo]
volcano, diamond, smile
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A diamond's piece shining,
and the innocent smile,provoked a volcano's eruption,
intens... [leer completo]
a master's touch
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As His touch brings her alive,
sends butterflies
to swirl and dance
in her bare... [leer completo]
our love
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Our love will be legend

There is no doctor who holds me

There is no pain t... [leer completo]
red hair
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your hair have a natural color?;strong red? light red? natural brightness of sun reflecting the powe... [leer completo]
she dressed in white
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A dream of a girl dressed in white.
wears wings shining silver light.
hair is fine like ... [leer completo]
el amor
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It's a drop of water in a crystal,
It's a long walk without talking,
It ... [leer completo]
i would like to be
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Freddy Zurita Céspedes
I would like to be the owner
Of the covenant of your mout... [leer completo]
ribbon with a ring
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A ribbon with a ring,is ready for to be insert it?
so much envy feeling for the ribbon that t... [leer completo]
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Drinking a cup of coffee;with a rose picture;..,
why not a heart; picture? The heart is beatin... [leer completo]
silence night
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Silence's night,waiting sun's luminosity,shy moon adores sun's embrace and touch every moment,is cry... [leer completo]

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